Had you

In the nights like this,
Where fall haven’t yet bid farewell 
And the winter seems so near,
I hold myself from thinking 
But, thoughts come rushing 
Had you been the fire,

I would’ve burnt myself to stay warm from the cold air.

Had you been a book,
I would’ve read every night, tracing lines with gentle caress.

Had you been the moon,
I would’ve stolen the silver, and bathed myself in

Had you been a river,
I would’ve quenched my thirst, that didn’t seem to end

Had you been a star,
I would’ve read our future in lines etched On our hands 

Had you been a flower,
I would’ve memorised every note of scent in my soul, to keep me from forgetting 

Had you been a dream,
I would’ve never waken up from deepest of my slumber

Had you been a scar,
I would’ve proudly wear you my skin

Had you been a fantasy,
I would’ve weaved it in ten folds, to keep me sane. 


Broken bright

She is a mad, mad girl,

In autum nights, 

She dresses up in red,


Waits for him, 

At dinner table

Clock struck 3

And he isn’t here,

He wasn’t meant to be

Broken brights,

Her Shattered dreams, 

Life will pass her by,

And he, will never see,

Never see… 

The eyes 

Here is to the tear, 

That don’t just fall from the eye,

You start wondering why?

You feel the ache, 

As words part your heart in two,

Your heart does bleed blue,

Everything around you goes blank,

You’re there just subtly drinking it all up,

Telling yourself,

Dare you not!!

Shed a tear, 

But something happens more frantically,

Takes up all courage but still eyes blurry 

You don’t want to see what the moment holds for you,

You die, a little more 

And your heart freezes for infinity. 

Thoughts before sleep


Let’s cuddle the moon, and put stars to bed,
Blowing clouds to beat the race,
waking up with sun kissed flowers in our hair

Shaping the sand to make castle,
Knowing sea will wash them away,
We bury our hands
hoping we will hush,
their maddening wrath

Touching heart like sometimes metaphor does,
We scribble each thought on skin fragile,
Painting each other in hues and shades



And in silence I found,
All there was for me to hear,
Delusional, and scrambled..
I fathom thoughts in your ivory shades scribbles.
Lost, yet so close and relatable,
I seek the raced beats of your heart, summoned.
Incomprehensible, yet understandable.
I’ve an abode near,
The crystal blue lake, carrying universe in a closed fist
I do not have divine pleasure to have you in my life, oh beloved,
But still in all impossibilities,
I’ve all of you in all of me, carved for eternity.

Your words


I’d then drink the words
falling from your mouth,
hoping I’d taste the
And yearnings,
You write about..
Maybe then, I’d be able to
Leave the traces of my never ending love,
Maybe then you’d understand,
I do crave you in the way, same.

Tu me manques


The tormenting brief silence,
That follows after I say,
“I missed you”
On your face washed with the waves
Of ocean blue,
I hope you can see and feel it too,
That had your face been a book,
I’d keep it close to my chest,
I’d feel, try to dive, sink in depth of every word inked,
And I’d trace your name on a sheet left blanked,
I’d stumble upon every punctuation,
Not caring,
Sighing, believing…
That had you been a spring flower,
I’d sniff the intoxicating aroma,
Not momentarily,
I’d get lost in you for eternity.




How did you pick the pieces up?

of your soul shattered,

And hopes all dying..

With the memory of her fading in dark

and dreams all sailing in demise.

And I’m told,

This is the least hurt she could put you through,

So i wonder-

If she has ever confessed her love for YOU?




He’s burning,

The emulsion,

A reflection of her burnt shadows,

He may forge the riot

with calmness!

But i know, his soul is ablaze.

He foresees, his future ahead.

His asylum, under her lash


Spring Fest


Let the spring pass,
there is no crimson left,
For petals to be painted with.
I often sit in solitude,
And I stare,
I stare blankly at sun,
Sinking in the ground.
Magnificent, yet a hint of saddness around.
My love it reminds me of you.
It reminds me for reasons a millionth.
It reminds me cause it resembles your beautiful face
It has same fierceness, yet a resentment attached.
It’s warming, yet sometimes distant and cold.
It has a guiding light, borne within.
Yet it lights moon, and bury itself.
The first bathed in gold ray,
To the auburn coloured maze!
It reminds me of you,
It reminds me of your haze…
Sometimes a fireball..
At times an eclipsed celestial
I fell in love with such indescribable,
Teeny-tiny facts.
And I’ll keep staring at it.
For an innumerable reason.